In order to provide the best protection and healing for your pet, it is crucial to buy the correct size Elizabethan Collar, or “e-collar”.

To find the right size e-collar, you will need to take 2 measurements: 1) The size in inches around their neck; and 2) The size in inches from the neck to the snout. The second measurement (neck to snout) is the most critical, as the collar needs to extend beyond the nose in order to provide effective protection. If your dog or cat’s nose is sticking out of the end of the cone, they may be able to reach the affected areas.

In order for the Cuddle Cone™ to work, it is very important to order the correct size. The cone must go past your pet’s nose or they will be able to reach the area that needs protection. If your pet is in between two sizes, it can be best to go with correct neck-to-snout size. For added protection, the e-collar can be secured by threading a collar or a gauze bandage through the collar loops. In addition, the Cuddle Cone™ fastens around the neck with velcro, which allows for some adjustment in sizing.

It is very important to supervise your dog or cat when using any e-collar, especially for the first time. Please check with your veterinarian to make sure that the Cuddle Cone™ is appropriate for your pet’s specific needs.

All pets are unique, and there may be some dogs or cats that are outside the range of our sizing options. We have tried to accomodate as many common breeds and sizes as possible.

The Cuddle Cone comes in 4 sizes: extra small (XS), small (S), medium (M) and large (L). The adjustable Velcro™ fasteners allow for a custom fit to your animal’s unique size.

Cuddle Cone Size Chart

X-Small:  Neck Size = 8″-10″, Cone Length = 4″
Small: Neck Size = 12″-14″, Cone Length = 6″
Medium: Neck Size = 13″-15″, Cone Length = 8″
Large: Neck Size = 15″-17″, Cone Length = 10″


How Buy the Correct Size E-Collar For Your Pet